Natural and chemical goodness for under eye skin

Protecting the under eye skin from damage through sun rays and even body ailments is a very sensitive task. One should always remember that the skin that surrounds the eye is the most sensitive thin skin that the body has. Special care in form of best eye creams and cooling lotions should be adopted to make the skin look bright and healthy all the time, day in and day out. It is not necessary that the under eye treatment that one uses should only be concentrating on the fact that it is made from chemical components or from natural components. It is thus recommended that the best thing to do in this regard is to go with things that soothe the eyes rather than choosing between the basic ingredients, chemical or natural.

Are chemical ingredients safe for under eye

It should always be remembered that the under eye skin should never be introduced to cosmetics that are alcohol based, as it is an irritant to the skin. Generally it is seen that the components of the under eye skin creams, generally are the ones that have a soothing effect on skin, along with being non-irritant in nature. Generally, best eye creams include, peptides, antioxidants and of course collagen boosting and a powerful moisturizing agent, Hyaluronic acid. These three acts as the super three to take care of the eye skin, and always work wonders on regular usage. The main problem with the skin is hydration; these three in unison not only complete the process of hydration, but also ensure that the skin cells that newly form are healthy.

Natural ingredients one can use apart from chemical for under eye skin

It is good to know that exactly what works for your skin and what doesn’t. If one is under the impression that the under eye skin can be treated well with natural ingredients, well think twice. Natural ingredients always have many chemical compounds bound into one. To come up with whatever they are, which compound is harsh and which is not cannot be judged. A safe natural cleanser that is meant for the face too should not be applied to the under eye skin, as it may have alcohol as its base preservative, or it may have essence that may cause skin irritation. Cucumber, honey, ice rubbing and potato cutting and rose water are the only things that one should attempt to use, while using natural ingredients to soothe the thin skin. Other than that, consulting the dermatologist over it, is the best idea.